Sorry for not updating my blog… FOR TOO LONG..

I would just like to say sorry that I have not updated my blog for a very very long time. I have been busy with things that I should not have been wasting my time at all.. I have to make up for it so starting tomorrow I will start posting wonderful things that should help you guys out in your culinary endeavors.. I’ve already graduated from my culinary course and I am now ready to share all of my knowledge in the field of cooking to all of you guys. I will be giving you simple but delicious recipes that will surely surprise you. I will teach you how to cook your favorite foods, specially those that you were or are eating in college. Those ngohiongs, shomais and other stuffs that you used or still is eating but you do not know how to do… well I’ll be teaching those to you guys too!!!… So grab your seats and come with me to our culinary adventure!! CHEERS!!


1st Day of Culinary School…

Just got back from my first day in culinary school. But before you say “wow he can afford culinary school?”, “He must be well off then”, let me tell you first and foremost, I am currently enrolled in a community college which offers culinary training for almost nothing. Well we have to pay for the ingredients though but its fairly cheap compared to those big culinary schools in my country. I feel blessed that I was accepted here because there are only a few slots left open when I applied for this course. Thank you God for this opportunity.

I was surprised and was quite inspired by the testimonies my classmates have given when we were introducing ourselves… Here I am trying to improve gain some experience in cooking to better myself in what I can consider a hobby (for now), whereas these guys were saying that they enrolled in the course to get the chance at an employment that yields a lot of dough just to be able to support their individual families. And did I mention most of them are employed and is taking up this course at the same time? Some of them are doing both and are also taking care of their children. I was kind of guilty for hearing these testimonials because I was there to have fun and learn whereas they were there to better their status in life. Most of them are already in the food business as cooks but needs to gain a certificate to move to the next step in their careers as chefs/bakers. This made me question why I got accepted here where in fact there are a lot more people who deserves this spot and needs it more than I do.

Well I’m here now and there is no turning back. What began as a happy go lucky experience suddenly turned serious in my mind. Now I feel the pressure of trying to prove to myself that I belong here and I can be at par with the well-experienced classmates that I have right now. I just hope that I can still accomplish my goal when I first enrolled in this course, and that is to have fun while doing what I love most… COOKING!


Free Jollibee Gift Certificates!


Free Jollibee Gift Certificates!!!!!!

Yipeeee! I won Line Philippines’ Download promo… 300 Php worth Gift Certificates. Hoorah for me!

Woooh!… I just started my food blog and this happened. I just received these GCs today immediately after activating my blog. Must be a sign from God.. “Simond go to the world and Eat”.. hahahha…

Anyway thank you to Line Philippines @¬†for the early christmas gift you’ve given me. Cheers!