Sorry for not updating my blog… FOR TOO LONG..

I would just like to say sorry that I have not updated my blog for a very very long time. I have been busy with things that I should not have been wasting my time at all.. I have to make up for it so starting tomorrow I will start posting wonderful things that should help you guys out in your culinary endeavors.. I’ve already graduated from my culinary course and I am now ready to share all of my knowledge in the field of cooking to all of you guys. I will be giving you simple but delicious recipes that will surely surprise you. I will teach you how to cook your favorite foods, specially those that you were or are eating in college. Those ngohiongs, shomais and other stuffs that you used or still is eating but you do not know how to do… well I’ll be teaching those to you guys too!!!… So grab your seats and come with me to our culinary adventure!! CHEERS!!


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